William Daniel Phillips was born on November 05, 1948 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

In 1997 he won the Nobel Prize in Physics (together with Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and Steven Chu) for his contributions to laser cooling, a technique to slow the movement of gaseous atoms in order to better study them, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is a privilege to note that all the three Nobel Prize winners have delivered the B.M. BIRLA MEMORIAL LECTURES.

Phillips is also a professor of physics at University of Maryland, College Park. He was one of the 35 Nobel Laureates who signed a letter urging President Obama to provide a stable $15billion per annum support for clean energy research, technology and demonstration.

Prof. William Daniel Phillips delivered the B.M. Birla Memorial Lecture “QUANTUM INFORMATION : A SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION FOR THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY” on January 20, 2010. He is seen above, handing over the B.M. Birla Science Prize for 2009.