Dr. B G Sidharth had reintroduced Dark Energy, in 1997, after it was dumped much earlier. His model for the universe was one of acceleration rather than retardation as was previously believed. This bold prediction was confirmed the very next year thanks to the observational work of Perlmutter, Schmidt and Riess, all three of whom observed a certain type of supernovae to come to this conclusion. Surely this is the fastest confirmation for a theory. Nevertheless there has been no clear fix on the nature of Dark Energy itself. Dr. Sidharth himself had proposed that it is the ubiquitous Zero Point Field. Though this energy is infinite in Quantum Theory it is taken to be zero with some reasons given. Dark Energy is really a vacuum energy. To understand this we must appreciate that the vacuum is a sizzling broth of particles, anti particles, disappearing particles and what not, unlike the classical concept of a vacuum. This Quantum vacuum had been studied by Miloni.

If however we consider these short-lived charged particles winking in and winking out of existence, as in the case of zitterbewegung, a trace is left behind namely transient wave functions and the energy they carry, though in a very random and disorderly fashion. This energy can be characterized as Dark Energy as described by Dr. Sidharth in his thought experiment of a pendulum suspended in a “perfect” vacuum. Contrary to what one might suspect that such a pendulum would remain stationary, it actually executes totally chaotic motion due to the Quantum vacuum energy or Dark Energy.