The Amateur Astronomy Course is aimed at Astronomy enthusiasts. A minimum requirement of a graduate level background in science is recommended, as also knowledge of the English language. However, exceptions can be made. The Course covers the following topics in the form of lectures delivered by experts:

  1. Solar system including Planets Asteroids, Comets, Eclipses and the Origin of the Solar System.
  2. The Evalution of the Sun and Stars.
  3. Galaxies and the Structure of the Universe.
  4. The Origin of Life in the Universe as also the Universe itself. In addition there would be Sky Observation sessions in the Observatory and the Planetarium.
  5. This apart there would be lecture on special topics like the History of Astronomy, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and so on.

All this would be covered in about 15 sessions spread over 3 1/2 months. There would be one session per week on the evening.

Finally there would be Group Discussions and Presentations by the participants.

Certificate: A Certificate of participation is given at the end.