The B M Birla Science Centre organizes several two day intensive Science Camps for school teachers focusing on Educational Kits and Aids in Science Teaching. Teachers from different districts of Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad participated in this camp. There were demonstrations of science kits and other educational aids, audio visual lectures emphasizing science teaching in an interactive manner. The teachers were given hands-on experience in the handling of educational aids, as also computers. The kits and aids themselves have been developed by different international agencies after much research, including two kits developed in France, one on Symmetry (Mathematics) and one on Energy and there was also a kit on General Science. This apart there were a number of other educational aids.

The aim of these camps was to expose teachers to these interactive aids, show them how they could be developed at a low cost and also demonstrate how such kits and aids make science education more meaningful, relevant and lively — a far cry from what it is today.

All the teachers were unanimous in appreciating the fact that Science education could be made more meaningful, relevant and lively only with the help of such science kits and educational aids.

Secondly. they felt that such effective science kits could be developed at a cost affordable for even the poorest of schools. In fact, most teachers could not believe that such kits and facilities existed.


  1. Science education is by and large a failure in schools.
  2. Even without aids and kits a small section of the students could be motivated by good teachers.
  3. The present exam and syllabus oriented education with the great pressure on time compounded by the high student-teacher ratio leaves no time for any creativity or innovation in science education.
  4. Institutions like the B M Birla Science Centre should come forward to fabricate and distribute at low-cost science kits to schools or even directly supply to the kids.