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B M Birla Science Projects

The Science Projects Division has helped to establish several Science Centres over the years, developing critically acclaimed expertise in the production of exciting scientific exhibits. This is the result of years of in-house R & D and international collaboration.

The proven package of exhibits developed by the B M Birla Science Centre is ideally suited and in fact is a must for any community for the development of a competent scientific citizenry so essential for the survival and betterment of the thrid world, where on the one hand in developing countries by and large science education has been ineffective as evidenced by the absence of technical innovations and breakthroughs and by dismally low numbers of scientific papers or citations, on the other hand the general level of scientific awareness is poor.

The above package will at one level demystify science and at another enthuse visitors about the wonders and powers of science and technology. The visitor can roll up his sleeves and discover the fun and magic of science.

The philosophy behind this unique package developed by B M Birla Science Centre can summed up in the words of Nobel Laureate Lord George Porter who delivered the B M Birla Memorial Lecture at the Centre recently: “most of us born scientists, endowed with inquisitiveness and a strong desire to explore, to question, to discover. But many, perhaps most of us, lose our early enthusiasm for science when it becomes a formal project, difficult and half understood… today we all live in a world of science and to be ignorant for this is, going through life without use of our senses…

The Science Projects Division of the Centre has developed, fabricated and installed interactive science exhibits in:

  • District Science Centre, Chittoor.
  • District Science Centre, Cuddapah.
  • District Science Centre, Kurnool.
  • District Science Centre, Nellore.
  • Regional Science Centre, Vijayawada.
  • Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University.
  • Buddha Purnima Project.
  • Defence Research And Development Laboratories School.
  • Indian Institure of Chemical Techology School.
  • Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Hyderabad.
  • Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering.
  • Japal Rangapur Observatory, Osmania University.
  • District Science Centre, Karimnagar.
  • Vivekananda Vidya Peeth, Raipur.
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kurud, Dhamtari Dt.
  • Higher Secondary School, Kotmisonar, Akaltara Dt.
  • Swami Karpatriji Govt. High School, Kawardha, Kabirdham Dt.
  • Audhyogik Prashikshan Sanstha (ITI) Sakari, Balodabazar Dt.
  • Shaskiya Kanya Shiksha Parisar, Bishunpur, Sarguja Dt.
  • Higher Secondary School, Kelo Dam Area, Raigarh Dt.
  • Adarsh Higher Secondary School, Pharasgaon, Kondagaon Dt.
  • Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.
  • District Science Centre, Bidar.
Madhya Pradesh
  • M P Council of Science & Technology, Bhopal.
  • Vivekananda Vidya Peetha, Narainpur.
  • Department of Science & Technology, Rajasthan.
  • Birla Science Museum, Jaipur.
Uttar Pradesh
  • Airforce Academy, Agra.

It has also developed Hi Tech World Bank aided museums and a unique Dinosauriam, one of the best in the world.

List Of Some Exhibits

Exhibits Are Fabricated Based On The Following Topics

  • Perception and Illusion
  • Mechanics
  • General (Mathematics, Space etc.,)
  • Optics
  • Electronics, Electricity & Hitech
  • Energy and Vibrations.
  • Miscellanious
Perception and Illusion
  1. Face or Vase
  2. See Two Faces
  3. Cage the Parror
  4. Illusion Disks
  5. Split Personality
  6. Tricky Window
  7. Distorted Square
  8. Seeing and Believing
  9. Create a Parrot
  10. Grow and Shrink
  11. Zeotrope
  12. Shimmer
  1. Pedal Power
  2. Marbel Race
  3. Black Hole
  4. Soap Film
  5. Lift Yourself
  6. Gyroscope
  7. Newton’s Cradle
  8. Pulleys
  9. Energy Ball
  10. Race the Rollers
  11. Air Canon
  12. Pendulum Pattern
  13. Harmonograph
  14. Floating ball
  15. Archemedes Screw
  16. Anti-Gravity Cone
  17. Defying Gravity
  18. Spin Fun
  19. Spin Speed
  20. Suspension Bridge
  21. Arch Bridge
  22. Catenary Arch
  23. Cable Stayed Bridge
  24. Roller Rails
  25. Gears
  26. Chaotic Pendulum
  27. Aero Foil
  28. Square Sheets
  29. Pendulum
  30. Hydraulics – Brama’s Press
General (Mathematics, Space etc.,)
  1. World Globe
  2. Ages of Man
  3. Assembling Models
  4. Sand and Trees
  5. Spring Rider
  6. River
  7. Action Reaction Arts
  8. Solar System
  9. Star Globe
  10. Space Diorama
  11. Magic Cone
  12. Perpetual Ducks
  1. Magic Wand
  2. Glow Paper
  3. Play with Lenses
  4. Colour Shadows
  5. Colour Mixing
  6. Two-In-One Person
  7. Corner Cube
  8. Periscope
  9. Kalaidoscope
  10. Telescope
  11. Movable Mirrors
  12. Laughing Mirrors I
  13. Laughing Mirrors II
  14. Anti-Gravity Mirror
Electronics, Electricity & Hitech
  1. Hologram I
  2. Hologram II
  3. Hologram III
  4. Plasma Globe
  5. Bulbs and Batteries
  6. Laser
  7. Laser Disk I
  8. Laser Disk II
  9. Robotic Arm
  10. Laughing Buddha
  11. Video Game
  12. Delayed Speech
  13. Hearing Range
  14. Sweat Detector
  15. Invisible Strings
  16. Clapping Order
  17. Echo
  18. Watt’s the Difference
  19. Jacob’s Ladder
Energy and Vibrations
  1. See Sounds
  2. See Heat
  3. Xylophone
  4. Transmitter
  5. Magic Trap
  6. Sound Converger
  7. Heat Pump
  8. Sound Reflection
  9. Watch
  10. Steam Turbine
  11. Heat Reflection
  1. Multimedia Presentations with touch-screen
  2. Dinosaur Gallery
  3. Air & Space Gallery
For details contact Mr. R. Subrahmanyam @ +91 40 23241067 / 9848035640 or Email birlasc@gmail.com