B G Sidharth of the Centre had created a toy model of glacier retreat across the world. According to this mathematical model the usual diffusion model of heat is modified with a factor α being factored into the diffusion constant. So if α=1 it is the usual diffusion that happens over the centuries. However if α >1 then the glacier melt is accelerated. One could get a rough idea of the value of the factor α. According to the expert Fagre, the accelerated glacier melt due to global warming now means that geological time scales are packed into the human scale. This gives a rough idea of the parameter α which is therefore of the order 100 to a 1000.

To put some further numbers on these in some of the French glaciers there was a melt of 500 metres in 14 years, that is 30 metres per year roughly. On the other hand the Swiss glacier melt revealed as much as 350 metres in two years, that is roughly a 170 metres per year. It is estimated that in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas the retreat is so fast that according to some researchers most Central and Eastern Himalayan glaciers could all but disappear by 2035.