Quantum Mechanics has been a very counter intuitive, one might say even counter common sense topic. Even Albert Einstein could not get to accept it wholeheartedly and wrote papers exploring why it is wrong or incomplete as he put it. The work of Dr. B G Sidharth, Director, B M Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad, brings out this secret and mysterious nature of Quantum Mechanics. In several peer reviewed standard journals of physics he has argued that Quantum Mechanics has a new feature unknown to previous physics. This is that the universe is jittery that is not very definite and clear at ultra small levels. This feature has been called Zitterbewegung for donkey’s years and there has been much speculation about it. What Sidharth argues is that ordinary physics with the addition of this jittering or Zitterbewegung physics goes over into the mysterious Quantum Mechanics. This is like adding a cloud of uncertainty and probability to ordinary physics and this leads to all the mysteries. The work started with a paper in Foundations of Physics 18 years ago and is still ongoing. With Co-worker Abhishek Das new insights are still being obtained. These change the very nature of spacetime at the microscopic level.