In the 1970s Dr. B G Sidharth proposed that there was a universe and an anti universe defined by each point. Time would go one way for one universe and the opposite way for the other. Some of the difficulties of such an idea were that how could a metric in spacetime define both a time going backwards and a time going forwards. This could be done as shown by the author several decades later in the form of a two Weiner process. Much has been written on this aspect. All this would take place within the Compton time [Sidharth, B.G., The Thermodynamic Universe, World Scientific, Singapore, 2008].
Using the two Weiner process and a formalism due to Feshbach and Villars he has argued in the past that the positive energy and negative energy that is particles and antiparticle solutions form two separate classes. This would be the answer to the conceptual problems of the 1970s theory. Next he generalized this to consider n which could even be (continuum number) universes which are described within the Compton time rather like the many worlds interpretation.
This brings us quite close to the many worlds interpretation of Everett and Dewitt [Misner, C.W., Thorne, K.S. and Wheeler, J.A., Gravitation, W.H. Freeman, San Francisco, USA, 1973] all be it from a completely different direction.