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G P Birla Centre

During the silver jubilee year of the B M Birla Science Centre, construction of the G P Birla Observatory and Astronomical Research Centre was started. This building a tribute to one of the greatest visionaries and philanthropists of India, Padma Bhushan Late Shri G P Birla, is an iconic and prestigious landmark of Hyderabad.

The roof houses the Astronomical Observatory. This is an Indo-French Collaborative effort and would be one of the few public observatories in India. Amateurs and interested persons could use the Observatory and see for themselves the marvels of the Universe. Lectures, Seminars and other such events around the Observatory are also planned. The Observatory itself has a very sophisticated compact telescope.

The lower floors of this imposing structure has sections for Research, Educational Courses, and the Library. These programmes would be having an international collaborative flavour. In addition to astronomy, it is envisaged that there would be courses in Science Teaching for School Teachers, as also more advanced courses in Computer Science and Information Technology and Management and Finance. The basement houses the Nirmala Birla Gallery for Modern Art, to give an artistic touch to the elitists of Science.

The Observatory houses the C11 Telescope donated by Uranoscope of Paris. This Observatory would encourage amateurs and students to use the facility, for the purpose of disseminating interest in the subject. In particular the members from Uranoscope would have free access to the Observatory as and when they want.

The G P Birla Observatory is now open for public. Interested persons can now gaze the stars, planets through this sophisticated telescope by taking prior appointment.

For any queries pleace contact, Phone: +91 040 23235081.

While the B M Birla Science Centre has come a long way and even crossed the Silver Jubilee, a momentous milestone in this eventful journey, in a sense, this is only a new beginning…