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Convention Facilities

  • The B.M. Birla Science Centre is located right in the heart of Hyderabad, on the picturesque Naubat Pahad. Apart from its superb architecture it is one of the most popular and prestigious scientific institutions in the country.
  • The Centre offers a complete Convention and Exhibition Facility, and in addition other facilities which have become very popular.
  • In fact some of the most prestigious lectures and International Symposia attended by Nobel Laureates, India’s top industrialists and so on have been organized here.
  1. Projection facilities are available at all these places.
  2. The entire complex has its own generator. So every effort is made to avoid interruptions due to power cuts.
  3. All these facilities could be utilized at attractive rates.

For details of booking please contact:

Mr. R. Subrahmanyam
Phone : +91 40 23241067

Ms. Geeta Rao
Phone : +91-40 23241061.



Bhaskara Auditorium

The 250 seater air conditioned Bhaskara Auditorium is equipped with modern projection and superb acoustic systems. There is a Green Room attached. It is ideal for Conferences, Cultural Programmes, Annual General Body meetings and so on.
There is an adjoining Snack Bar for refreshments.

Nobel Rooms

An added feature is the adjacent elegant forty seater air conditioned Nobel (Conference) Room.
This would be most suitable for Board meetings, regular meetings of exclusive groups, lectures, audio-visual programmes, mini workshops, and so on.

Science Museum Terrace

A beautiful open air terrace which can accommodate 500 persons.
This could be used for arranging exquisite dinner parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, dance programmes and so on.

G P Birla Auditorium

This is a 150-200 seater air conditioned Auditorium with modern projection and superb acoustic systems. The uniqueness is that there is an open terrace attached to this hall from which one could see the scenic beauty of Hyderabad over a cup of tea.
It is ideal for Conferences, Cultural Programmes, Annual General Body meetings and so on.

Class Rooms

There are three world class air conditioned 60-75 seater rooms available with modern projection systems in every room.
This is very ideal for Board meetings, training programmes, Workshops, Lectures, Courses or any student related activities and so on.

Mini Conference Hall

This is a beautifully designed air conditioned mini Conference Hall with a seating capacity for about 25-30 people.
This is very ideal for small workshops, round table conferences, power point presentations, lectures and so on.