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Hywamis Project

The HyWaMIS was a logical offshoot of an earlier Hyderabad centred project coordinated by the B M Birla Science Centre and ARSENAL-OPEZ (sibersdorf). This project under the European Union India Economic and Cross Cultural Programme focussed on two areas in and near Hyderabad, namely Patancheru and Bolarum.

These areas were choosen because they exhibit fully the impact of human activities on the environment, in particular water– a classic example of the clash of interests in human habitation, that is contrasting requirements of industry, habitation and agriculture.

The industries, particularly pharmaceutical and chemical industries discharge effluents, treated and untreated into ground water system and even the tanks and ponds. Agriculture has its own demands at variance with indusry and finally, all this is detrimental to the interests of human habitation.

The project addressed the very important matter of devising a Water Management Information System for Hyderabad city on the one hand, and the equally important issue of prevention of pollution with particular reference to the Patancheru area on the other hand.

An important achievement has been that the Management Information Software is now in place, broadly speaking. However, one of the noticeable drawbacks during the process of the preparation of the software had been the lack of adequate data. It must be pointed out that the generatioin of data in this context is not a one time event, but needs to be done on the continuing basis.

Another important achievement has been the establishment of a stakeholders’ platform. There are a number of State and Central government agencies looking after different aspects of water problem. Thus there is a Central Ground Water department, the State Ground Water department, the Agriculture department, the Pollution Control Board, the HMWS&SB itself and so on. But these had not come together in the past on to a single platform to discuss the various issues involved and to appreciate each others’ problems, as in this case. It must be mentioned that the Patancheru area was a topic of special focus because it brings out the conflict amongst the various stakeholders outlined above. Specifically industry, the citizens and the agricultural community each have claims to the water.

In this ongoing project, two stakeholders Workshops have already been successfully organized in Hyderabad focussing on the competing interests of the three seperate groups. Further work on data collection and integration is in progress. Workshops have also been held in Vienna and Venice.

The stakeholders’ platform was organized in a very methodical manner. There was an Advisory Panel consisting of one or two representatives of each of the above bodies or organizations and there was also a more general stakeholders body.

As a result of these deliberations, last but not the least, the HyWaMIS quarterly newsletter itself has been an important contribution. It has regularly kept all individuals updated and has been a platform within a platform. An important aspect has been that the newsletter was also produced in Telugu version for the benefit of those not conversant with English. Mr. Guiseppe Mella and Ms. Cogan have taken on the responsibility for formatting and putting up the Newsletter on the Web and they must be congratulated for their enthusiasm and successful efforts.

Further, the Hyderabad Stakeholders Environment Platform was launched with Mr. B.P. Acharya, the then Managing Director, HMWS&SB as the head and the Advisory Panelists being the other members to start with, to the HyWaMIS software itself and ensure that it doesnt go into cold storage. This is a wachdog body that would ensure that the processes that were started in the project would be continued and meets once a month.


  • The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewarage Board and the B M Birla Science Centre from the Indian side
  • The City of Modeling in Austria, the ARC, Siebersdorf, Austria, the EuroTech Management, Austria, the City of Venice, Venice, Feem, Venice, ICLEI, Europe from the European side.