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Project : Water Management Information System for Hyderabad.

The B M Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad coordinated with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board, a prestigious projet of the European Union under the Asia Urbs Programme.

In particular the above project was a continuation of another European Union India ECCP project on Hydrology in which the B M Birla Science Centre and the ARSENAL Research Centre, Seibersdorf, were partners in conducting a study on water pollution in the Patancheru on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

This project focused on Water Management Systems for Hyderabad and surrounding areas. The European partners participating in this meeting were Mr. Friedrich Penny and Mr. Pfleger from the City of Modling, Ms. Monika Schonerklee and Mr. Martin Jung from ARC Seibersdorf and Ms. Valeri Cogan from the City of Venice.

Keeping in view the importance of the project and to discuss various issues, review of progress, collection of data, recommendations/suggestions/modifications and so on, a stakeholders’ meeting was organized wherein Mr. Emani Kumar from Delhi along with a number of stakeholders from Hyderabad and surrounding areas including industries, farmers, government agencies and inhabitants who have conflicting interests took part. A questionnaire was prepared and circulated to all the stakeholders and responses obtained.

General Objectives

The Objective of the project was to develop a Water Management Information System for sustainable water management.

Water management needs an integrated approach and therefore integrated water management has to take many different aspects into consideration like meterology, ecosystem, geology, land use, industry, water supply (industrial, municipal, agricultural), wastewater discharge wate mangement and so on.

The project was planned on the basis of existing data (databases, monitoring networks) and meta-data (demographic data, land use, climatic etc.), in the integration of different information and, if necessary, the application of various viable models. The aim was the accomplishemnt of sustainable regional water management in the area.

A planned system, it was felt, would provide an improved and extended information basis for the various user groups which would be an essential tool for the planning and implementation of measures and systems (e.g. online sensors, early warning systems, water supply, wastewater treatment, water protection zones, soil remedation, industrial measurements and emissions, legislative measures etc.) It was pointed out that the available information and the resulting predictions could form an objective basis for decision making and the setting of legislative measures.

Project Purposes

In the investigation area groundwater and surface water was mainly polluted by industry and trade. Therefore this project and the planned information system focused, as a first step, predoninantly on industrial emissions as well as their effects on ground and surface water bodies. This approach led to a first module for a future comprehensive Water Management Information System which could be easily extended by several other modules(e.g. municipal water consumption, agriculture, ecology etc.). Furthermore in the framework of the project the general concept and structure for this future comprehensive Water Management Information System and related monitoring network could be developed, in the long-term.

Principal Partners

  • City of Modling
  • City of Venice
  • ARCS (Vienna), ICLEI, EuroTech Management
  • City of Hyderabad (Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board – HMWS&SB and B M Birla Science Centre BMBSC)