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The B.M. Birla Planetarium was the first phase of the Science Centre. It was inaugurated in 1985. Not only it is one of the best attended Planetaria in the world, it has also been acclaimed to be amongst the very best with a better rating than those in Europe, USA, Far East, Soviet Republics and elsewhere. The cosmic presentations here have highlighted various mysterious of the Universe as they have unfolded—from Halley’s comet through

space explorations of the solar system to the riddles of Black Holes and the newly discovered dark energy. This apart, special interactive sessions for students are organized. The Planetarium also conducts a popular course on Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Planetarium also regularly creates exhibitions on relevant topics.

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On public demand during holidays or special ocassions a special show at 8:15 pm is also included.
11:30A.M English
12:15P.M Telugu
3:00P.M Telugu
4:00 P.M English
5:00 P.M Telugu
6:00 P.M English
6:45 P.M Telugu
7:30 P.M Hindi
Archaeology & Fine Arts
The B.M. BirlaScience Centre is one of the most prestigious
Science Museum
The B.M. Birla Science Museum was the second phase of the Centre opened in 1990.
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