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The Dinosaurium was the next phase of the Centre. A unique Natural History Gallery, the Dinosaurium was dedicated to the nation in July 2000. It is a truly breathtaking facility which displays a rare and magnificent fossil of the Dinosaur, Kotasaurus, belonging to the Lower Jurassic age, going back to about 160 million years. It is one of the finest specimens anywhere in the world. It has been put up in a natural and dynamic posture and measures

about fourteen metres in length and over five metres in height. The fossils were collected from Yamanpalli in the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh, and then mounted by the Geological Survey of India. Apart from this unique fossil of the majestic animal which once ruled the earth, there are equally important fossil specimens going back to the same era, like a Dinosaur egg, more importantly a clutch of Dinosaur eggs, part of a fossiled tree trunk, a giant ammonite and some other breathtaking exhibits. The Dinosaur will transport visitors back to the Jurassic age.

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